Jewelry Repair

On-site services performed by an experienced jeweler

We are proud to provide our customers with the highest quality jewelry repair services performed by our on-site professional jeweler & setter who each have over 35 years of experience.

• Diamond & Gemstone Setting

• Ring Sizing

• Polishing

•  Soldering

• Pearl Restringing

• Laser Engraving

• Rhodium Plating

• Finding Repairs

• Prong Retipping

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Jewelry Repair Mamari Jewelers
Diamond & Gemstone Setting
Our on-site professional jewelers have many years of experience setting diamonds and all types of gemstones. Replace missing or damaged stones
Ring Sizing
Size any ring up or down. Add gold, platinum, silver, etc.
Bring old jewelry back to life with a polishing. Take out scratches, scuffs, marks, dents, and more to bring your jewelry back to life.
Fix broken chains, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Solder together broken jewelry
Pearl Restringing
Restrengthen or repair old pearl necklaces and bracelets that have weakened over time by restringing them by a skilled professional.
Laser Engraving
Engrave beautiful patterns, personal messages, dates, initials, custom designs & more.
Rhodium Plating
Bring back the white shine to your white gold jewelry. A fresh coat of Rhodium plate after polishing will make your jewelry brand new again.
Finding Repairs
Repair or replace broken jewelry parts; locks, earring backings, chain extensions, loops, bails, jump rings, etc.
Prong Retipping
Restrengthen worn prong tips by adding gold or platinum to the tip of the prong. It is normal for prongs to weaken overtime which puts your stone at risk of coming out.
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